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When Trials Come

When a trial comes in my life, there are always more than one. As a Christian I can chose one of 2 paths, endure or take the easy road and chose something that would not honor a please the Lord.

I am choosing to endure. To take the other road would be to disobey the Lord and I know my life would be more miserable. I need God and to be in His will and not in my own. As I am going through attacks at the moment, my heart hurts and is saddened. To be sad is not a sin. We have emotions that the Lord has given us. My joy remains which is totally different from my sadness. I rejoice in salvation and in Jesus through the valleys. But I have to admit it is hard to keep my eyes on the good things and to give thanks in my trials. When someone wounds me my reaction is that I can’t believe a someone in Christ would do that, but then I have to remember we are all fallen and prone to sin.

Due to that fact that we are sinful makes me want to be forgiving and to show mercy. But at the same time my flesh wants to lash out and return evil for evil. I have to remember that the Lord says that vengeance is His. To return vengeance would be in complete disobedience to Him. And like I said before I am not going to sin when I know I it is wrong. I have sinned willfully a couple of times and each time I balled like a baby. I don’t want to go through that again. It literally felt like someone had died. Thank God for repentance.

The more trails I go through the more patience and peace I have through my other experiences. A book that has encouraged me is a biography on “George Muller”. If you have never read or heard about him, look him up. He experienced many trials and answered prayers. His life makes me want to be on my hands and knees all the time to wait and see what God will do. I want my faith to be as strong as his was.

Back to these trials. The Lord and time will mend my heart and lead me to green pastures. I will wait on Jesus to lead me and take me through this fire. It may not be easy but I know I can get through this with Him. Stay faithful friends to the end.

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“Go With the Flow” Is it Biblical?

I used to always say, “Just go with the flow!” But this was at a point in my life before I knew Jesus. I pushed that thought as far away from me as possible because I knew what it meant to me. I used to go with any flow that felt good at the time and most of the time it was sinful things that drew me to their flow. I didn’t ever reflect on consequences of my actions, I simply wanted to feel good for the moment in the moment. This life style will get you into trouble if you do not turn away. Christ can change your entire life like he did mine. I thank God he worked in me and that I am saved.

Fast forward and I am about 6 years into my salvation. My walk with the Lord has been rough. This is because of the many fiery trials that I have faced. I have no regrets other than sinful choices that I made. I praise God for all the hard things He has allowed me to grow through. My faith is stronger because of it. This week I have been reflecting on the phrase, “Go With the Flow”. Can I do this as a Christian? Is it biblical? The answer to these two questions is yes and no.

I can not go with any flow. It has to be Jesus’ flow! As for it being biblical, you will not find this in your Bible. I am going through a trial right now that can leave me anxious over my lack of control of others and the situation or I can do what Jesus would do and go with his flow.

I chose to go with “Jesus’ flow”. I can remain loving, keep on serving, keep on trusting and keep on looking to  Jesus for direction and know that He holds tomorrow and every second of the day. I don’t have to worry because he is in control. My life has joy because I chose to go with Almighty God’s flow. I love this! I feel so free to be able to know that I can be me in Christ and not have to worry about anything so long as I am doing what I know the Lord would have me do. I am not talking about legalism. I don’t keep to what the bible says to be saved or because I have to. I do all that I do because I love Jesus and I know that he is the way the truth and the life.  Out of the love of my heart I serve my risen savior through my actions and attitude. Some may think that living a holy life is old fashion, dumb, or just not cool, but it is beyond what anyone can fathom until they witness a true believer who captivates you by their beauty because they reflect Christ. I was won over through true beauty and it is my desire to portray this true beauty that is unfading through portraying Christ. So from now on, I am going to go with Jesus’s flow and live in the fullness of the joy that he provides me.

I hope you are blessed and encouraged!

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Slow To Speak

I noticed this week that I am quick in my reactions to anger,  frustration,  happiness and all my other emotions. James 1:19 Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger;

I allow my emotions to dictate what comes out of my mouth. It isn’t always good things that come forth. Luke 6:45 …For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.

This week as a wife, mother and a Christian I will be working on yielding to the Lord’s word in this area of my life.

I am doing this by praying more, setting my mind on loving others, desiring to show Christ likeness,  and thinking if Jesus’ crucifixion was worth whatever sinful attitude that is produced in my actions and reactions through my mouth and attitude.  This isn’t going to be easy.  This requires me to die to myself moment by moment and to put others before me.

My sinful nature is to put me first. I do this often in my heart. The Holy Spirit is quick to convict me. The convictions at first are frustrating but then I realize I am fighting God and not doing his will. I then feel so hurt because I love the Lord with all my heart and I desire to please Him. My heart tells me when I am being disrespectful toward God and His word. I don’t want to purposefully sin and do that which I know I is wrong. Lead me Lord in your ways and not my own. I know I am but flesh and a descendant of Abraham, but I have been made holy through the blood of Jesus. Surely you can keep me from falling. I stumble but you catch me and help me keep my footing to walk down that straight and narrow path that you laid before me. You knew me before I was born and you know me now. You know where my heart is and that it is truly yours. I long to be in your presence and for the day I will be with in your presence. You alone are my one desire! May you be glorified in all that I do as I walk this earth as a wife, mother, friend and as your child.

Loving like Jesus

Why is Life Hard!

Life is hard. It’s complicated. It’s hard to find answers to questions if you are not looking in the right place. 

I’m in this situation at the moment. Where do I turn for answers?  I know where to turn but my eyes haven’t found the answers yet.  I turn to the Bible when I don’t understand where life is leading me. I am finding myself in a situation where doubts are rising in my head. I am listening to these doubts. They say,  “God doesn’t love you that much! See how he treats you like the wicked too! He doesn’t hear your prayers! You only think he answered your prayers but it is just a Coincidence!” And so on.  I believe these lies because I am not putting on the full armor of God. I need the Lord’s word to direct me in truth. I need his word to keep me on that narrow path. I need it to not feel lost,  depressed,  doubtful and unloved. 

Deep down I know God loves me,  but these accusations tear at my heart and draw me away from the Lord. God will be merciful and lead me out of this. He calls me to his word. I need to have my daily bread and be fed on the word to withstand the Devil. I also need to be in prayer more asking for wisdom and keep my mind on the Lord. Thank God for his mercy and undeserving grace!