Healing Autism


I recently started working with a Dr. Jana to possibly heal Jubilee’s autism in a natural way. How do you do that? I am glad you asked. First off, I started out by changing Jubilee’s diet a few months back using the Whole30 and found that we had some success in causing some of her symptoms to go away and she also progressed in her language. We went off the Whole30 and returned to a diet that I consider healthy but for her body, sadly it was not. We do most of the cooking in this house down to the bread, mayo, ketchup ect. We kept things sugar free and bought organic milk. I know the milk was pasteurized and probably caused trouble for her body to digest causing more neurological problems. The result of going back to our diet caused her to regress and become more withdrawn and unable to communicate as well.

So what did I do next. I put her back on the Whole30 and decided that diet was best for her. However, it did not cure her. She got better but not all the way. I contacted Dr. Jana and we set up more restrictions on her diet. On the Whole30 your allowed to eat fruit, white potatoes and dried fruit. Well we had to eliminate those things from Jubilee’s diet. I know what your thinking, "What do you feed that poor child then."

Trust me she still eats plenty. We feed her berries, natural fats, meats, vegetable and a lot of coconut milk. I have 5 other children I have to cook for and that do not need to be restricted like her so I have my hands and my brain full trying to figure out what to feed 2 sets of people and on top of that a husband who is picky as well. This keeps my mind working, hahaha I think all I think about is what to cook some times.

Anyways, so today we are on day 4 and I am vlogging . We already made progress and I am excited to see what happens once her supplements are here. Jubilee makes more eye contact, talks more, is able to communicate what she is thinking more and is also more involved in what is happening. Her memory is also working. I do notice under stressful situations she withdrawals and I am hoping as we get further along that she will not do that. However, she does not withdrawal for as long a period of time as she used to. I was scolding her and her eye crossed only for about 4 seconds and returned to its normal position where normally it would stay crossed for hours because she was emotionally upset. I didn’t notice this until not. I thought her eye crossed whenever it wanted but I am noticing now when and what causes it to happen.

Anyways, this is the beginning of our journey and if you want to continue to see her progress follow me on




Simple Sourdough Recipe

I made a sourdough starter and found this simple recipe online that I sort of changed to fit my liking for a less sour sourdough bread. I like the bread just to have a hint of the sourness but I do not like it too strong. If you like it stronger you can let it rise longer. I wait until it has simply doubles and then bake it right away. But that is just me.


1 C water
3 C Flour
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp oil
1c Sourdough Starter


I also use my bread mixer but you can use your counter stand mixer or knead it by hand. You want the dough to be sticky but not to the point where it does not move from one hand to the other when greased. If you watch the video you can kind of tell how stick it should be. I hope the video helps because when I first started making sourdough bread I added way to much flour because it was sticky and I though it was supposed to be like normal dough with yeast. They are not the same and it helped me to watch others make sourdough dough.

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Sourdough Kombucha

Here is a recipe to  make sourdough using kombucha and a simple video tutorial.


Day 1
2 T flour
2T kombucha liquid that houses the scobies
Day 2
1/4 C Flour & water
Day 3
1/2 C Flour & water
Day 4
1 C Flour & water
Day 5 or before if the starter doubles in 4 hours it is ready to bake bread with


You can get Kombucha Scobies at or other websites if you just use your internet search engine.