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When Trials Come

When a trial comes in my life, there are always more than one. As a Christian I can chose one of 2 paths, endure or take the easy road and chose something that would not honor a please the Lord.

I am choosing to endure. To take the other road would be to disobey the Lord and I know my life would be more miserable. I need God and to be in His will and not in my own. As I am going through attacks at the moment, my heart hurts and is saddened. To be sad is not a sin. We have emotions that the Lord has given us. My joy remains which is totally different from my sadness. I rejoice in salvation and in Jesus through the valleys. But I have to admit it is hard to keep my eyes on the good things and to give thanks in my trials. When someone wounds me my reaction is that I can’t believe a someone in Christ would do that, but then I have to remember we are all fallen and prone to sin.

Due to that fact that we are sinful makes me want to be forgiving and to show mercy. But at the same time my flesh wants to lash out and return evil for evil. I have to remember that the Lord says that vengeance is His. To return vengeance would be in complete disobedience to Him. And like I said before I am not going to sin when I know I it is wrong. I have sinned willfully a couple of times and each time I balled like a baby. I don’t want to go through that again. It literally felt like someone had died. Thank God for repentance.

The more trails I go through the more patience and peace I have through my other experiences. A book that has encouraged me is a biography on “George Muller”. If you have never read or heard about him, look him up. He experienced many trials and answered prayers. His life makes me want to be on my hands and knees all the time to wait and see what God will do. I want my faith to be as strong as his was.

Back to these trials. The Lord and time will mend my heart and lead me to green pastures. I will wait on Jesus to lead me and take me through this fire. It may not be easy but I know I can get through this with Him. Stay faithful friends to the end.


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