Sick Chicks Dying

We had 1 baby chick get sick a few days ago. Then all of a sudden 3 more were sick. I knew something was wrong. We went through something like this about a year ago. The chicks got coccidiosis. We were able to save the last 4 but the first one that got sick died because I wasn’t sure what was wrong with it. I injected 1 drop of Corid into each chicks mouth. Then I added 4.73 ounces of Liquid Corid to 1 gallon of water. You can watch the video and see the chicks that were sick and how they are much better a day after treatment is started. They are still getting better and are almost ready to return to the coop.

The chicks symptoms were

lethargic, not eating, sleeping standing up, can’t walk, hard time walking, wings stay out and move about uncontrolled, falling over, not drinking, laying on their side (but not dead). If you notice 1 sick then a bunch act fast because you will lose a lot rather quickly!


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