Loving like Jesus

Why is Life Hard!

Life is hard. It’s complicated. It’s hard to find answers to questions if you are not looking in the right place. 

I’m in this situation at the moment. Where do I turn for answers?  I know where to turn but my eyes haven’t found the answers yet.  I turn to the Bible when I don’t understand where life is leading me. I am finding myself in a situation where doubts are rising in my head. I am listening to these doubts. They say,  “God doesn’t love you that much! See how he treats you like the wicked too! He doesn’t hear your prayers! You only think he answered your prayers but it is just a Coincidence!” And so on.  I believe these lies because I am not putting on the full armor of God. I need the Lord’s word to direct me in truth. I need his word to keep me on that narrow path. I need it to not feel lost,  depressed,  doubtful and unloved. 

Deep down I know God loves me,  but these accusations tear at my heart and draw me away from the Lord. God will be merciful and lead me out of this. He calls me to his word. I need to have my daily bread and be fed on the word to withstand the Devil. I also need to be in prayer more asking for wisdom and keep my mind on the Lord. Thank God for his mercy and undeserving grace!


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