Loving like Jesus

Consider Jesus

Have you ever been discouraged, anxious or just not in the mood for the things of God?  I heard a sermon that I reminded me of something I used to do but have gotten far from it.

When I was in sin or about to sin (my hardest sin I struggle with is selfishness that leads to anger) I used to think is this worth what Jesus died for.? Is it worth each time a hammer hit that nail into his hands?  Is it worth what my Savior went through?  The answer always came back as a no and I was able to remove myself from sin and keep my eyes on Jesus.

The sermon talked about just that. As I reflect on my life I know that I must consider Jesus now in every thing I do. I need to be in His will. I constantly worry about my rights and defending myself from what I consider unjust actions towards me. But I must be willing to be like Jesus and extend forgiveness or to at least be angry and not sin.

The message also spoke about serving. Jesus came to serve and not be served. What would the world be like if we all served in Christ. The followers of Jesus would shine a bright light that many would see and reflect our sweet Savior. Many would be drawn to Jesus. That’s exactly what drew me. I witnessed a world of Christians who loved each other and served one another. These people reflected Jesus and I wanted  know who this Jesus was thatcreated such loving people.  I wanted to know how people could be content with little and how these people lived for someone with all their being.  I know this Jesus today because they considered Jesus!

Do you consider Jesus?

Well you consider Jesus?


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