Loving like Jesus

Growing In Faith or Becoming Carnal

Are you devoted to Jesus or are you torn between the world and Jesus? I hope you said, “Jesus”. But even if you didn’t, there is hope for us to be completely devoted to Him.

Walking with Jesus daily takes dying to self and putting him first. I am reminded of when Mary was sitting at Jesus feet and Martha wanted her to help her. Jesus informed Martha that Mary had chosen the best place. I am also reminded to stop being busy and take time to give back to Jesus through spending time in His word and in prayer. I know what most people say, “Well I am always in prayer we aren’t supposed to stop praying.” Yes, this is true, but you are cutting yourself short and no one else if you do not take the time to actually be alone in your “prayer closet” and spend time with the one who gave you life and brought you through everything you have been through. And if you haven’t been through much, He is the one who forgave you all your sins and is the reason you are going to heaven.

Jesus deserves all of our devotion and I am talking to myself at this time. I really am just talking to myself out loud. God has taken me through tough roads and Has lead me out in victory. I don’t want to move away from Him because everything is fine now. I don’t want to lose sight of the One who answered many  prayers and kept me going. He was all I had when I had nothing, and without Him I have nothing. Nothing in this world compares to Jesus. I truly mean that. He is above my husband, above my kids and above my blood family.

Not a day will go by that I do not acknowledge the Lord. He is always on my mind when I am making decisions. When I sin, He is right there telling me to stop, and to hold my tongue. Sometimes I obey and some times I do not. But I want to get to that place where it is always, “Yes Lord” & not, “No, not right now.” When I say, “No” I am really saying, “I think what I need to say is too important and I have a right to spill my anger or frustration to whomever I please.” It disgust me because I do not reflect Christ and worst of all I just told my Sovereign Lord, “NO!”

The good thing is that this is not the end of the line for me or anyone else in the same boat. I am being refined and I desire to be refined. I desire to turn from my sins. I desire for the Lord to be upon me, convict me and for myself to repent and not commit the same sinful act again. This is going to happen when I die to myself and do as the Lord wishes and not as I wish. I do not want to leave room in any area to be carnal.

Sin can lead me, you, or anyone to become carnal. I love Jesus and will keep running this race to get to a place where Jesus is more important than I am and I stop putting my desires before His will. Push on and don’t give up. Each time we have a choice to sin, we have a choice to grow our faith and strengthen our walk in Christ. Choose Jesus. His way is best. It leaves you feeling free and clean instead of guilty and ashamed.

Is the Lord at work in your life?

Do you feel a need to be like Jesus or not?

Is there a hunger to draw nearer unto Jesus?

Who is your master in this world?

Is God first in your life?


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