More Gardening

Spring is well beyond here and I am trying to move my you know what to get things planted and growing. Yesterday we got some garlic planted and I am not going to lie, I didn’t finish because I need more garlic and another box to grow more garlic.

I mentioned in my video that I got the garden box ready and didn’t plant the garlic because I lost it. Yeah, I do things like that a lot. I make a lot of forgetful mistakes. My kids tell me I am Dori from “Finding Nemo”. They are funny. But anyways, I got the garlic in the ground and then after I watered the garlic, I found the garlic on top of the water hose stand.

After planting that garlic we noticed a few chickens were out due to some mending that needs to be done to the coop fence. Joelina my little helper caught all of them. Check her out!

She is 6 and does a great job at catching these birds without any fear (unlike me). I freak out when they start pawking at me for grabbing them, and if they flap their wings, forget it I try to run away haha! Seriously though, I would grab them if I had to and have. But I prefer not to. I just want their precious eggs. 🙂

We also planted some Raspberries. This is my first time, so don’t judge please but do give me advice if you have any! Thanks in advance. The tops broke off so I planted what was left haha. It is in the video if you are interested in what was left to plant.

I give some tips on transplanting grape vines late in the season based on my experience and my neighbors advice. He has a beautiful vineyard and gives me cuttings every year. (Don’t tell anyone but I have managed to kill almost all of them.) I am hoping to have a better year with them in the tubs. I had them in the ground but it was on land that retained too much water and basically drowned the vines. Next year will be better some how. I don’t know how but I want to make it work, so it is going to work! Ill share in the future what we decide on.

This is all fun even though it gets crazy here. The stress is nothing compared to meeting a deadline. I love the country life. I came from a big busy city and would never go back if given the choice. The pace is slower and that means more family time. More about all this later. I hope you all enjoyed this information of our day.


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