Homestead, Loving like Jesus

Homestead Update

This past month many good things have happened and some bad things. On our homestead there is always somethings to do or some animal that needs assistance in some way. This time our pigs and chickens keep getting out of their designated area.

I had 1 pig and then I have 9. That is a big jump. I am happy our mama pig had babies, but I am not happy with how destructive they are. They have completely ruined our barn. They tore wholes through the metal and have just moved the metal out of their way so they can waltz right up to our porch and garden. They are bad! I’m going to try to be positive here, “They taste good though! hahaha.” We are sticking this out and making a new area for them that is hopefully swine proof. We shall see.

We were going to need a new area anyways because we are going to rebuild the barn this summer.  If you watch this video you can see how the property is set up and where the pigs should be.

The chickens also have been getting out and their fence needs to be mended. I’ll get to that this Saturday. It is going to be a busy weekend trying to maintain the animals. But this is life on a farm.

The bad news is that we lost a dog a couple of weeks ago. I talk more about in the video but it was hard especially for my second oldest.

I’ve also been able to do a lot of gardening. I have the seeds in the ground and am just waiting for them to sprout. I also have other things growing already.

I am so blessed to be able to do garden this year. Last year in the middle of gardening I got really sick and had to stop half way through planting things. I just gave up on my garden. But you know what God was so good to allow thing to grow. I got tomatoes from seeds that were in the garden from the year before. I also got watermelon. I am thankful for these small things. I felt like a failure last year and you know what I am okay with that. God saw it fit for me to focus on my household and the things that were more important. I needed to do the kids school and take care of the inside of my home. That was all I could do and I found joy in at least being able to do that. Granted I wanted to do more but there is peace in Jesus when there are struggles and contentment where He has me. f

I look back at that season of my life and I see it was God just testing my faith to see whether I would stay true to His word in the midst of trails or take the easy road out and do things contrary to what I believed. My faith is stronger and I have much fruit that I produced in Christ instead of on a vine or tree.

There is no place I would rather be than in that narrow path where Jesus wants me even when it gets tough. I pray you are blessed by this short testimony and what ever you struggle is today that you would look to the Lords word and wait for Him to give you direction and not just do what you feel is best but what Truth would have you do.


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