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Day 3 of Whole30 Challenge & We Are Seeing Good Results

My youngest son Jeremiah has been battling eczema. He had a rash in 3 spots on his face and about 5 on his arm. His face now only has 1 spot (the area that was largest and most irritated). We have also noticed that Mr. Jeremiah is more mellow! He will just sit down and be relaxed and not all over the place. His defiance has not changed that is a heart issue, not a food issue and we are working on that. I am very happy with how it is helping my Jeremiah.

Jubilee my 4 year old who is 8 months older than Jeremiah has also been doing better. Let me tell you all a little bit about Jubilee so you will understand why what I am going to explain is so important. She is on the autism spectrum. We have not had her diagnosed because we do not want her labeled and we want to her to excel as far as she can without a reason or excuse to hold her back. She has a hard time communicating. If you ask her a question she doesn’t always know how to answer and sometimes if given a choice on what to say; example “Do you want the burger or the taco?” She will say, “Taco.” Yesterday she was talking a lot more and was able to articulate in child like sentences responses to questions asked. She is also trying to make more eye contact with me when I talk to her. I am so excited to see what comes of this.

Joe my 8 year old doesn’t have a headache today and is not complaining about his stomach burning any more. He tends to have issues with food that we are already aware of. However this past week we do not for sure know what caused him to have a reaction but we have our suspicions.

Joslyn my 11 year old’s face is healing from bumps on her skin. She doesn’t really have any health issues thankfully.

And Jesse my 12 year old’s face is also getting better. He has more bumps than Joslyn and his is still more visible than Joslyn’s.

As for me I am doing great. My tight jaw is almost gone. I have had issues with my metabolism due to the stress of weaning of foods along with leading the whole30 for my family. I am remembering to be joyful when I catch myself stressing out by singing “I will enter His gates with thanksgiving in my heat, I will enter His courts with praise. I will say this is the day that the Lord has made. I will rejoice for He has made me glad.” It works, try it. 🙂

I would encourage anyone who is suffering from any of these symptoms to try the whole30. It is hard and strict but it is worth the benefits. Changing my son Joe’s diet has eliminated his need for medication for asthma. We are off of the inhaler, steroids, and the nebulizer!  I am praising God for the wisdom in knowing that foods can cause illnesses.


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