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Whole30 Challenege

What is the whole30 Challenge? It is eating whole foods for 30 days with some exclusions. The purpose of this challenge is to give the body a restart and get off of foods that could possibly be causing your body to have reactions that you might not even be aware of exist. The thought process is that we have gotten used to the way we feel and don’t notice when we are in discomfort. This challenge allows the body to detox from other foods such as dairy, wheat peanuts and much more. After the challenge you are supposed to reintroduce foods slowly and pay attention to your body’s reaction to see if you have any discomforts or allergies to foods. This is just what I need. In this video I am going to share my reasons for doing the challenge and 1 recommendation I have that I might even have to break if my husband decides to join us!


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