Our Homeschool

Our New Calf “Sun-shine”

I have been waiting for what seems like forever. My jersey finally had her baby and it was a girl. I am so excited!  It happened so fast. I wanted to catch it on camera and guess what I was able to! I’ll even let you all see the video.

But just in case you don’t want to, I’ll just tell you how it went. I was cooking some sausage and beans in the instant pot when I looked out the kitchen window and saw my cow laying on her side. I thought she went down because her legs were up in the air. I told my oldest son to finish cooking the meat and then to add the beans to the pot with water. (He didn’t set it to pressure) Then I ran outside with my phone ready to either push the cow onto her legs if she was down or to just enjoy watching her give birth. It was the latter. I just stood there with my camera and recorded the calf coming out all the way to nursing.

Sun-shine’s mouth and tongue were already out when I got there. Then in just a few pushes and like 15 seconds the calf was all the way out. Mama got up and began to clean her up by licking all the gross stuff off of her. Then in just a few minutes the baby began to try to get up and stand. It took a few tries. Once on her hooves. She began to try to nurse on mama and then mistakenly on other cows. But she found her way back to her mama and finally began to nurse.

All my children came out to enjoy the beautiful sight of this new calf.


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