Loving like Jesus, Our Homeschool

Teaching My Children Why Other Religions Are Not Part of Christianity



In my home we talk about other religions and gods. Why would I want to do that? If my children are going to go out and make disciples, they are going to have to have the ability to understand what makes another religion “Not Christian”. We do not study the religion in super deep detail, but enough to understand their basic beliefs. We touch on why it is anti Christ and not biblical. We pray for these people who do not believe that Christ in the only way to heaven. Most importantly I teach my children to have a heart to love the lost and to show compassion and mercy to others.

I have deep discussions with my children because if I don’t someone else is going to and they might even convince my children that their religion makes sense. I am instructed by God to train my children in the way that they should go so that when they are old they will not depart. I don’t want my children to miss even one day with the Lord because they go astray due to lies others may teach. I need my children’s beliefs to be solid and grounded. I am not going to be what keeps my children on that narrow path, God i but God can use my teachings and obedience to him through instructing my kids in righteousness to help guide them.

We have all been guided and taught by others. We are instructed to make disciples, and that is what I am doing with these 6 beautiful children I have received from God. I’m making disciples. I pray constantly for wisdom and ask God to help me teach only truth and not opinions. I need  every disciple I make to be able to fall back on the word of God and to be able to know why they believe what they believe. These are my children’s souls at steak and I’m going to fight with everything in me to seek Gods way for them and encourage them toward Jesus. God loves my kids more than me and I can trust that he is working in their hearts as I seek to teach them about who He is and what is right according to Him!


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