Loving like Jesus

God Will Meet My Every Need

I’m plagued by my weaknesses. I feel like it’s hard to do everything and stay faithful to the Lord in my attitude and obligations. And yet He meets me in this place of my unfaithfulness. He tells me he loves me,  he cares about me,  I’m his beloved & he will help me get through the day. He will not take away my distress but he will help me through them by staying right beside me and filling me with his Spirit. I’m undeserving of the wonderful mercy and grace the Lord shows me. My attitude changes when I realize all this about my God. He is greater than what the day brings and when my eyes are on him there is peace. He gives me the peace that surpasses all understanding. When I am still he reminds me who is in control and gives me peace. In my weakness he is made strong.

I pray that I can remember to be still and know you are Lord. Let my eyes be always on you and off this world. Whatever lies in front of me is a speed bump to change me into Jesus’ likeness . Help me to see through your eyes Lord. I need you. Amen.


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