Loving like Jesus

A Prayer For My Children & Their Mama


LORD, I come to you today a needy soul. I am always in need of you, but today I need you more. My heart aches with all the sin in the world. I am raising children who are going to be going out into this mess. I ask and beg you God, please do not let sin overcome them. Help my children to stand firm in you and the teachings of your word. Place in their hearts a desire to please only you and a heavy conviction when there is sin present. Cause their hearts to humble and repent. Cause them not to be attracted to evil but to have discernment on what is evil and what is good. Please, bring the girls each their own Godly husband and the boys each their own Godly wife. Give them a love for the lost souls and the ability to teach your word in truth to them. May you use them to draw others to your kingdom. If there is any fear in them would you please remove it with your Spirit and replace it with boldness. May you will it that my children live long lives with many children of their own to leave their own legacy and further your kingdom.

I am leaving behind a legacy and I want it to be all about you Lord Jesus. When people see me, I want them to see you. When people see my children, I want them to see you. Without you, everything is lost and everything done is in vain. Help me to finish my race and remain faithful to you. I live to serve you Jesus. I serve you by serving my husband, children and others in need. I realize now that I don’t need to be told when to serve, but it is now that I need to take initiative and serve those around me when I can. I do all of this for you because you are worthy. Strengthen me Lord please. There are days when I am tired and exhausted. I need you to fill me with wisdom, love, compassion, humility, a good attitude and a desire to push through the tough times with joy. I know this is only possible through you. May you be glorified today and forever!



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