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Teaching A Child To have A Relationship With Jesus


I believe God can use others to teach us a lesson in our life to share with others. I recently had this happen to me and it is benefitting to my children. I heard on the radio how Lady Gaga went from following Jesus to who she is now. As I was listening, the commentator said that it was important to make sure that your child has a real true relationship with Jesus Christ. It is not enough to know Jesus but you must have an intimate relationship with Jesus!

I got to thinking about this and the Lord just laid one of my children on my heart to explain this lesson to. I prayed about it and thought about how to explain this. I felt lead to tell my child about coming to the Father for more than just praying when we eat our meals, or when we pray at night. I said that it is good to ask God for needs, but you should tell him why you are asking. I told him to tell God what he is struggling with. He informed me that he asked God to help him listen to instructions better and I told him that that was good and encouraged him to tell God why he was asking for that. I showed him an exapmle through what he confided in me by telling him, “I have a hard time following directions Lord, can you please help me in this area.” My son is very quiet and doesn’t talk much. After having a conversation where I did 98% of the talking I asked him a question to see what he took away from our conversation. This is vital to me when I have these kinds of talks with my children about the Lord or a lesson I am trying to teach them.

He explained everything back to me. He understood what I was saying. I then proceeded to ask him how he was going to grow his relationship with God. Then I got that stare like “Huh?” I shared with him how I am drawn to the Lord and to have my own time with Him. I tend to have time through out the day where I will withdrawal to my room and inform the kids, ” Mommy is going to her room to pray and read here Bible. Do not bother me during this time unless there is an emergency!” And they do really well to respect my time. I encouraged him to withdrawal himself and spend time with God in prayer and in His word.

I believe this is the beginning of something great that God is going to do in my sons life. There is nothing better than being near the Lord. The closer we are to Him the harder it is to stray away. Loving Jesus and being close to Him takes work on our part. Are we seeking Him, His word, His comfort, His love, His compassion, His grace, His mercy, His forgiveness, His will, and His presence? I try hard through out my day to be mindful of the Lord and to pray often. I try to seek his wisdom as the day gets trying. I honestly desire my whole life to be about Him. My same prayer since salvation to the Lord was that he would keep me close to Him. And he has. Praise the Lord for his faithfulness.

James 4:8New King James Version (NKJV)

8 Draw near to God and He will draw near to you...


I pray that this will encourage you to seek the Lord more and to strengthen your relationship with Jesus. I also pray that it would help you to encourage your children to strengthen their relationship with the Jesus as well. Be blessed!




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