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Serving Like Jesus as a Mama


Everything I do for my children is because I love them. I cook, clean, wash laundry and so much more out of love. I also do this to be an example to them. The Lord Jesus was a servant to his disciples. He washed their feet! Jesus, the son of God washed someones feet! He humbled himself so much. Should I not do the same. Should I not lower myself beyond what I think I am too good to do.

I walk by things in the house on the floor waiting for it’s owner to retrieve it and put it in its proper place. The whole day may go by and that child does not do anything about it. Then it dawns on me like a light bulb went on. I can put it away haha. It amazes me when this happens because I am truly waiting for someone to do something about the paper on the floor or a toy left out. I can ask my children to take care of it but I can also be gracious and merciful and help them.

I remember walking into the kitchen one morning and the dishes were not done. I thought to myself, “I need these dishes washed but that is not going to happen until the kids are done with school.” The dishes are the kids chores. It seemed like such a faroff thought to me to wash them myself. But when that thought came to me and it sounded perfect. I washed the dishes and gave someone a break and freed up more time for them to play or do something else that interested them. Doing things for my children doesn’t always have to be the normal things I do. I can go above and beyond that. I look forward to what the future holds for me to serve in many different ways.

I can be selfish and think of what myself or I can look at my children and meet some need they have and help them. I love to see their smiles on their faces when they realized I have served them. I can’t get enough of them being happy. When I cook, I cook to please them! My desire is to make foods that they like and are happy to be eating. I can cook boring things and be lazy or I can go the extra mile and serve them with all my heart to give them something healthy and enjoyable. (I am not always good at producing good food hehe!)

I am thinking of ways I can better serve my family! I think I will try this week to play something they want to! I avoid this all the time because I have a lack of a sense of humor and am a serious person. I am learning to let go and be silly with my kids. I’ll talk more about that later though! What can you do to serve someone you love this week? Can you do something better by putting more effort into it? I pray that you will bless whoever you chose to serve!



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