Faithful Are The Wounds of a Friend 

Proverbs 27:6

Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful
Ouch! This sounds harsh,  but in reality this is love. I pray that I have friends who are willing to tell me when I have done wrong and sinned. I hope they are willing to hurt my feelings to correct me and bring me back to the path of righteousness!  It would be my pride that would be hurt. But we know God hates pride and loves it when we are humble. May I never be to proud to be corrected or rebuked. May my friend be brave enough to restore me and point out my error! I’m a human I’m going to sin and sometimes I might not see the sin. A faithful friend will come along side me and risk losing my friendship if they are truly my friend. 

       My enemy will kiss me and pretend all is well when I’m straying from the Lord. He deceives me by pretending all is well. I could live life like the world and they will justify it for me. My enemy will say anything to make me happy and feel content even when I’m wrong. Enemy of mine,  you do not love me.  You just want to take me down with you. You rob me of my fellowship with my sweet Jesus!  You lead me away from green pastures and from still waters.  You lie to me and though you kiss my cheek and make me feel loved and accepted,  you lead me to death. You act like you are for me, yet you are against me. I’m lost in your presence because your words are sweet like honey and seductive but truly your ways are far from the Lord. 

     My faithful friend who loves me and cares will risk warning me of you and your wicked ways. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, God’s word and my love for the Lord I shall turn away from you and cast you far from me where you have no influence over my life any more. I will be restored and love the Lord with all my heart and remember the lesson of befriending the wolf in sheep’s clothing. My ears will not itch for your lies but for truth. My friend will pray for me and weep over my straying. She will seek me and fight for me. She will know all is not lost and that all things are possible with God! May the Lord be honored and Glorified in your life!  May your friend be true and may you not allow the wolf in sheeps clothing to influence your lives. May the God of this earth bless you with wisdom to see who is a good friend and a bad friend. Be willing friend to brake relationships that are toxic and leading you in a destructive path. With love,  Michelle. 


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