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Teaching Children to Come to the Father for Needs

How I Am Teaching My Little One’s to Come to God for Help

 Today we were reading about Hudson Taylor a missionary to China. He was in a desperate spot and needed divine intervention. All the missionaries were going to be murdered because Great Britain had killed a lot of Canton people and the Cantonese wanted revenge. They sought the lives of the missionaries and a local government official was going to allow it. Hudson Taylor gathered together some missionaries and they prayed to God for help. God answered while they were praying and intervened using a higher government official to stop what was about to happen. Praise God for his answer! God is the same yesterday, today and forever.

The same principle applies today. God may not answer our prayers in ways that we expect and it may not always be yes, but he does answer. And if the answer is no to a prayer, he gives us the ability to go through the trial and is right beside us.

My 6 year old daughter lost her wallet at Sams Club this past week. When she realized it about 30 minutes had lapsed. She was sad and worried because all her money was in it (there were just a few dollars, but to a 6 year old it is like a $100.) I told her as we were approaching the check out to let me look thoroughly through the basket before we go to the bathroom to see if we left it in there. I looked through the basket and sure enough it was not there. We finished paying and then proceeded to go to the bathroom. She came out sad and said it was not there. I leaned over and hugged her and told her, pray that God would let you find it because we have another option. I told her someone might have turned it in. We went to the customer service desk. I sent her and Little Joe her big brother to the customer service and we asked if a wallet had been turned in. The employee was so surprised it had been turned in. She told us that if a worker doesn’t find a wallet or glasses they are gone for good. I told Joelina to give thanks to God and remember we can always ask him for help.

How did I have this wisdom to share with my child. Because this MAMA HAS DONE THE SAME THING! I have lost my purse in stores multiple times. Each time much time lapses between me realizing that I no longer have my purse on me. And each time I pray and ask God to please let someone have turned it in or let it be where I left it. I have found it turned in at  registers. It is embarrassing for some reason to lose something so often. I praise God and thank him for his mercy and grace that he shows to me. I have come to a point where when I lose something, I no longer worry. I simply make a request to God and I get that peace that surpasses all understand and the next best part is I find what I lost! God is good.

I love teaching my children about how good God is and how much he loves us. I love teaching them to trust God.

Joe has been sick on and off for about 6 months from food intolerance’s that trigger migraines, fatigue, weakness & nausea. For some reason at one point his stomach was burning for about 3 weeks straight and no medicines or homeopathic remedies were helping. I changed his meals and still he was experiencing burning 24 7. I laid hands on my son and prayed for him while he cried & I cried. God heard us. His stomach stopped burning in 2 hours or less. He was not cured from his sickness but he was from the burning! We praised God and were so excited. We continue to battle with the food intolerance’s but I have faith that God is  Jehova Rapha (the Lord that heals).

Exo 15:26 KJV26 And said, If thou wilt diligently hearken to the voice of the LORD thy God, and wilt do that which is right in his sight, and wilt give ear to his commandments, and keep all his statutes, I will put none of these diseases upon thee, which I have brought upon the Egyptians: for I am the LORD that healeth thee.

I am so in Love with the God that I serve because he is mighty! He can do anything. I pray that you are encouraged today with whatever struggle you are having and that your children will learn to ask of God for their needs.



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