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Perfect Healthy Sweet Potato Oven Fries


Sweet Potato Oven Fries That Are Not Soggy & Healthy


When I was younger and had just started to learn how to cook. I made “White Potato French Fries” in the oven. They came out crispy and that was not what I wanted. I wanted soft fries but not soggy fries. I reflected on the process of how I cooked them.

I peeled & chopped my potatoes first and then I went to wash them and used a colander to drain the water. I then places my chopped potato fries in a bag and added oil and seasonings. I placed them on a tray to cook and to my surprise they were crispy!

I was so disappointed (the older me doesn’t mind crispy fries now). I was intrigued by the texture enough (And I didn’t want to mess up another meal) to do some research so that the next time I cooked my fries they were soft and not crisp. The reason that they came out crispy was because they were rinsed after being peeled and cut! So, now how do we get a texture of soft on the inside and not so soggy sweet potato fries? KEEP READING and follow the directions. 

Note if you follow THM this is an E. This means it is a healthy carb that will not spike your sugar levels and give you energy. So long as you do not eat something fatty with it. Then you have a cross over and it will allow this to stick to those hips where we don’t want them! A good protein to have with this could be Greek Yogurt with a few berries.



1 Sweet Potato

Water to soak sweet potatoes

1 T Coconut Oil

1t Salt

1t Onion Powder

1/2 t Garlic Powder

1 t Paprika

1/2 t Chili Powder




Preheat over to 350

Peel the sweet potato and chop it long ways to French Fry size. Make sure that they are close to the same size so that they bake evenly. Soak the sweet potato cuts in the water for about a minute. Drain out the water and add you coconut oil and seasonings mixing with your hand or a spoon. Place the pieces on a tray spread out so that they do not touch each other and there is air flow between them. Bake for 30-35 minutes in the middle rack of the oven.  ENJOY!



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