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Octonauts Captain Barnacles Quiet Book Page


Captain Barnacles

Octonauts Quiet Book Page



I am making a quiet book for my small now 4 year olds (they are not twins just 8 months apart. And no I didn’t give birth this quickly we adopted!) Anyways, I have 2 small children that are not very good at being quiet on their own and need a little help. At the age of 4 they are no longer going to be able to stay in the nursery. The problems are that Jeremiah is a boy and I mean all boy! He enjoys mimicking his daddy in fixing things, taking things apart and putting them back together, making loud actions noises, he can do large puzzles already that most children his age can not do. He is just advanced for his age. Jubilee, my daughter on the other hand was born with some challenges and we are trying to motivate her through playing with a quiet book that will cause her to use her thinking a little bit more to be able to hopefully articulate more things that she wants to communicate. She loves Octonauts! So, I decided to try to make a quiet book with the Octonauts as the theme. I am so excited as to how this is turning out!

       I started with Captain Barnacles because he is just the cutest character in my opinion. I have created a tutorial on how I put the page together. You will need some felt and depending on how you attach your quiet book together will depend on other tools you need. So far I have not sewn anything on the page. I used puffy paint, scissors and a sharpie marker. I hope this is useful to you other mamas (grandmas ect.) who want a cute fun way to motivate your children to play quietly when you need them to!

Here is the tutorial!


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