Homeschool, Loving like Jesus

How to Keep Going When the Going Gets Tough! 

I am often that person who is willing to try anything once. But often I jump into things not thinking things through. I start things and wing it!

Today has been hard. I am trying to plant a garden and my small seedlings are dying. I didn’t plan for that! I thought I did what I was supposed to. This caused me to reflect on many mistakes I have made in the recent past. I have made a lot of mistakes.

I want to be able to be successful at all I do.I want to be a Godly wife and mother,  a great cook, a great seamstress, & the list could go on and on because I love doing things.


There is good that comes out of this. I’m learning from my mistakes! Like when I canned tomatoes last week and put to many tomatoes that caused the juices of the tomatoes to flow out of the jars.  You can bet I won’t do that again. Or when I made a piñata and put the ribbons to support it on around the balloon instead of in between the layers of paper and glue causing the piñata to have wholes for a rope that tore the piñata before it broke (see the picture of my son’s birthday octonauts piñata). Or like when I made envelope pillow cases and I forgot to give 6 extra inches so you don’t see the inner pillow. Yeah,  haha there is so much more.  I’m going to have this struggle the rest of my life with making mistakes because I’m not going to give up!

First I’m going to pray to God to change my focus from me to His Son Jesus and ask for help to keep living life for Him and not let my mistakes discourage me and let the devil get a foot hold of me. I’m going to be encouraged through God’s word that has power to help me over come. Philippians 4:13 I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I’ll over come this emotional obstacles and not make the same mistakes again (on purpose). I will look back at the mistakes I’ve made and change my frustration into joy knowing that I can do things right the next time!


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