Chalk Paint Review


Painting with Chalk Paint

The Good and the BAD!

I redid my pantry in my Kitchen! I did this using the no sanding chalk paint technique! And oh my goodness! I can’t wait to tell you my experience and what I think about painting without sanding cabinets down first using the chalk paint technique.

First of all let me start out by saying the new look is great!

My purpose for doing this was that I wanted to be able to write my memory bible verses on the black chalk paint and be able to wipe it off easily. I use to use my fridge but once when I went to wipe of the dry erase marker, it did not come off. I scrubbed them with a Scotch Bright Pad, and I have regretted that decision ever since. The stainless steel fridge has scrape marks from me trying to clean them and they are so obvious. (I am planning on fixing the side by side fridge and freezer one day)

Now, back to my cabinets. The cabinets and the hardware turned out fantastic. I was so excited to hear about painting wood that already had a finish on it that I didn’t have to sand. Once I started painting it, it was apparent that it is not like painting a wall. You have to WAIT and WAIT for the coats to dry before applying a new coat. The black chalk paint only required 2 coats.  I don’t know if it was just this type of paint but the coats took a long time to dry. With that said, I’m thinking to myself, “Come on, I don’t have all week to do this project, I wanted it to be a few hours and be finished!” but it took all day. I tried hard to find things to do in between coats to pass the time and get things done around the house.

Once everything was painted, I had used blue tape to mask off the edges. And when I pulled off the tape, some of the paint came right off of the cabinets with it! By now I was kind of losing it! It was not going as planned. If I accidently grazed the paint that seemed to be semi dried, it came right up in a thick clump leaving a textured dip where you could see paint was missing. This was not fun at all! 

Watch my video and review!

During all this painting and waiting, I spray painted the hardware that came out better than I could of expected. It was so pretty! My favorite color is turquoise and can you guess what color I painted the hardware! Oh, your so smart! “lol” Yes, they are turquoise with a hint of black.

Aside from the hinges, I places the cabinets back into their proper place “CAREFULLY”. These things scratched easily and I was not about to mess the whole thing up.

Now, somethings awful happened. When I went to place the hardware back on using the  drill it slipped more than once and scraped off paint. I decided to wait for Joe “my husband” to come and help me finish putting on the hinges because he is a perfectionist and also better with his tools.

In the end I had some pretty looking cabinets! My only problem is knowing how long are they going to look pretty before my 6 children have at them! I don’t know if they will hold up. We shall see!



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