What is THM

THM stands for Trim Healthy Mama! Yes you read it right haha! THM is a lifestyle way of eating. You basically separate your carbs and your fats when you eat and by doing this you prevent sugar spikes and also get to lose weight by eating this way if you have extra pounds to lose. You also don’t eat white starches such as potatoes, rice, and white bread. However, before you think you don’t like that, this is only while you are trying to lose weight. Everything else is in! As long as you have no food allergies or intolerance’s.

THM is so freeing because you get to eat most foods compared to other diets. And just eating this way keeps your blood sugar in check and gets you losing weight. There is a world of communities out there that follow THM and have had success and they have recipes to help you get started. You get to eat meat, dairy, veggies, nuts, coffee, on plan sodas (sugar is out) and so much more. (Did I mention ice cream!) There are people who range from using store bought ingredients to being what we call purist (I think I fall in line closer to the purist) who make their own foods and are very careful with what they eat.

Check out their website (I am not affiliated with THM in any way) I just love how this works!


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