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What does “Mercy” look like to children?


Mercy for me has always been tough because I like to make things simple as either there is something right or wrong and that is it. However, with God he gave us the law to show us that none of us could be perfect and were in desperate need of a savior, and praise God for that. All fall short of the glory of God and as parents we are no different. So without further suspence these are some ways we can show mercy to our children.


       For every sin we do not need to resort to physical discipline. Some times teaching is best.

       Forgiving after repentance.

       Not visiting a past sin but forgetting it as our heavenly father forgets ours.

       After disciplining for a sin, we do not rediscipline later on and add to the discipline once we already concluded the discipline.

       Remembering they are children and are not mature.

       Showing compassion and understanding when our little ones are tired and moody (especially if I am the reason they are not in bed).

       Letting them know we love them beyond any mistake they make and always will.

       Not criticizing every mistake committed.

       Complementing more often than correcting.

       Walking through problems with them.

       Speaking lovingly to them.

There is so much more that it is beyond my wisdom of things I think of. But I was taught by a dear friend who discipled me. You can check out her blog that has a ton of wise counsel Michelle has a wonderful way of speaking truths of the gospel while teaching in such a loving way to others especially her children. I hope this post is inspiring to be more like Jesus and treat our little ones the way we want to be treated even if they are 1/4 of our size or larger than us.




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